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New Rock Foundation School

Sue and John met Pastor Deo in December 2001. His school needed to be demolished and moved immediately. Together prayers were offered to see where God wanted this first encounter to go.

'At the time we had no contacts, no money and no ideas.

Pastor Deo had a small plot where he had hoped to build a house for his family.

We prayed and prophesied on that plot and if the school survived it would have to be God......

Reclaimed and rebuilt - not much to look at 2002

Christmas 2001 - The Old Has Gone

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New Rock Foundation School - March 2007

The School was rebuilt using what was salvaged.

A small brick office was constructed from a donation but then God started working.

Sue began fundraising in School and construction began.  We still didn't know where it would go or how much we would achieve.


Pictures from 2002 to 2009



Additional funding will need to be raised in the future to equip the school but we trust that God will continue to provide.


John’s practical skills alongside his experience in engineering and project management have enabled these projects to be undertaken with limited funding.


Sue’s administration and organisational skills have been paramount to the success of these projects.


John  and Sue along with Mike Norbury are pressing forward with the vision of Maranatha Gateway Vocational training centre on the Ssese Islands in Uganda.

At the moment they are spending several months at a time engaged in constructing buildings and running courses to help young adults acquire employable skills to enable them to earn a wage and secure a future.

There are few opportunities for uneducated and unskilled people to alleviate the poverty cycle, work has traditionally been fishing and farming but with government clampdowns to preserve fish stocks and the oil palm industry taking over vast areas of land, the old opportunities are just not there anymore.



The Ssese islands are a beautiful part of the world and the people are very friendly, our message is one of providing hope rather than charitable handouts.  

No Tesco or ASDA just local stalls with limited choice of foods available but most of it is fresh.  Meal selection hinges on the creativity of the person cooking and Sue has produced some wonderful  dishes and we are hoping to write down some of the recipes over the next six months in order to compile a cook book.


No mains electricity but solar lighting, no mains water but a clean water well  50m from the house, no flushing loo but eco san toilet block, the sun heats our shower water. No TV, washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator, the conditions are challenging but an amazing place.

Regular updates and details of what is happening with Maranatha Gateway can be found on the Facebook site so that supporters and friends can keep up with the challenges and achievements as they arise.  












There are opportunities for volunteers to come out and help with the project, either skilled craftsmen to assist with training or just to join in with what we are doing in the local community.


Working with local officials and churches in Uganda there are plenty of things to get involved with.



How to Help

The project does need financial support to maintain the work, 100% of all donations go into the work on the ground, either into developing the infrastructure or the running of training courses.

£200 pays for a 2 week training module for 8 students, the courses are residential and  includes food, accommodation, course materials and fees for  the local trainers.

All our administration costs and living expenses are self funded, we do employ local labour and services wherever possible which again helps in the local economy.


Maranatha Gateway

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