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In Africa we support a radio programme and a primary school in Kampala, Uganda, and a feeding programme for a primary school in Kisumu, Kenya.

New Rock Foundation School Kabowa Kampala.


We have been helping to build the school since the beginning of 2002, when it was a simple wood and tin structure with about 90 pupils. The school now has 2 large brick buildings - a hall with dividers into 4 classrooms, and the new 2 storey block of 6 large classrooms, providing education from nursery (aged 4) through to Primary 7 (about 13 years old).  The school now has over 450 pupils.


In 2009 New Rock School had new gates installed to the compound and a brand new water collection system. The water is collected from the roof guttering and stored in a water storage tank.

John and Sue take a Team of approximately 24 volunteers to Uganda each year to work in the schools and community projects. The team experience the African culture at grass roots level. This also gives us opportunity to ensure that all donations have been used appropriately.

If you are interested in being part of this team please contact us:-

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Pastor Livingstone outside the Family Radio Station Kampala

New Rock Foundation School Kabowa Kampala.


Jagir Singh Primary School

Kisumu Kenya - feeding programme

In spite of financial pressures the school feeding programs continue in Uganda and Kenya and remain unchanged although there has not been the opportunity to increase the support even though local food prices have increased.


New Rock Foundation School in Kampala which was John and Sues first project has now been linked with a school in Hereford.

Bridge of Hope school in Kalangala, Bugala Island, which they have assisted, is now linked with a school in Sandbach.


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In 2016 Equipe Global has been granted NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) status in Uganda.  This is comparable to our charity status in the UK. This will enable our representatives in Uganda to apply for work permits which allows greater freedom of movement in East Africa.

Read the Equipe Trustees report March 2016:-



NLC continue to give support to ministries in Sri Lanka, India and China while also supporting other individual ministries in the UK.

Equipe Report

Life continues to move on at a quite exhausting pace.  We had a good time in Kampala early March speaking on the radio and at Pastor Deo's church.  That same weekend we bought a new (to us) car and then had to spend quite a bit on getting all the problems fixed.

Our carpentry course went really well.  Had 10 students some days but a regular group of 7.  Most of these students came from an AA group set up in the village by an American.  He is doing a grand job helping the fishermen to kick alcoholism.  They made stools, tables, cupboards and shelf units during the 2 week course.  They also had one day in Kalangala helping the local carpenter to plane, sand and varnish a large order he was struggling with.  Great experience all round.

After the course we went to Kampala (Sat 25th) for a couple days rest!  We went shopping on Monday.  We bought an office chair and a saniflo type toilet system with generous gifts people have given us.   Back to the island on Tuesday. Thanks for my oven I have now baked bread on 3 occasions and am getting quite good at it.

Thursday was exciting as a large python snake had got into Katongole's old house and killed the cockerel and swallowed one of the chickens. But Katongole had the last laugh.  Friday I went to visit a school on another island where we are thinking of transferring 2 or 3 of the more vulnerable sponsored pupils in Kalangala.  John took a section of the snake, skinned it and cooked it while I was away.  I tried some for tea.  It was ok and if there was nothing else I could manage snake.

We are still pursuing the local council and oil palm companies to get our road improved.  We took some of it into our own hands last weekend and filled in some of the holes.  When there has been lots of rain it really does make our road very difficult.  We are expecting the grader early May.

31st Mar John started digging the hole for our pit/soak away/septic tank  - 8 ft x 8 ft x 7 ft deep. One of the AA students turned up when we were filling in the road and asked if there was any work so we got him to finish digging the hole.  Everyone happy.

From  Monday 3rd Apr we have a plasterer on site plastering Katongole's house and the workshop.  Expect him to take all week.  I have to provide lunch - so back to the posho and beans.

NLR work shop

May 2017 NEWS Update from Uganda

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