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Church news Asia

Sanjiv and Sushila live and work in India leading the New Generation Church in Delhi.

Part of their work is with poor communities and schools where they assist by providing food, oversight and instruction.

Some of the work is with homeless street children, boys who have either run away from home or have been abandoned by their family. They are given education, food and accommodation.

There is another project, which rescues girls from the sex trade, helping them and spreading the gospel.

Sanjiv oversees a home in Utteranchal for boys whose parents have leprosy or other debilitating conditions. His vision is to see these young people saved and released into ministry within their own communities.

Stephen and Diki Hawkins from the Word for Life Trust are advancing the Christian message in Diki's home town of Churachandpur, Manipur, NE India where abject poverty, drugs, alcoholism and tribal factions are a threat to the fabric of society.  A valuable asset is going to be the Word For Life Mission Centre which is in its final stages of construction.  As a fellowship we continue to support this work in NE India and we thank Stephen and Diki for once again finding time to visit us on their time in the UK.  This year they were able to bring Diki's sister Caroline and husband Thaia and family who are now working full time alongside Stephen and Diki.

Stephen and Diki Hawkins from the Word for Life Tr India Children